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        yabo151.net yabo151.net in Chinese
        TEL: +86-10-13910994118 Skype:Sdzlaser Email: Sale@SDZlaser.com


        About us

        yabo151.net (Beijing yabo151.net Science & Technology Co., Ltd.) is a professional high-tech enterprise which has received a great achivement in the laser field for since 1992 dedicated to the product's research and development, manufacture, sales and services.

        SDZ implements the enterprise tenet "all for customer satisfaction" and customer-oriented corporate culture to provide customer with the most humanized services and high-quality products, all of which only aim to please each of our customer!

        yabo151.net has developed and produced many high-performance and durable products with advanced manufacturing equipment, imported materials only to make the service life of products longer and reduce customer's subsequent cost.

        Now the products of yabo151.net have been distributed to 46 countries and regions in the world and possess a great number of long-term customers.