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        TEL: +86-10-13910994118 Skype:Sdzlaser Email: Sale@SDZlaser.com


        DX series laser tube

        SDZ 2012 product with highest cost performance – DX series CO2 laser tube

        Revolutionary catalyzer technology to significantly improve the product's life and stability.

        SDZ DX series laser tube uses Japanese special lens and the body of laser tube is burnt with German glass raw materials and leading manufacturing process so as to achieve 100% base film and actual power 20%-40% higher than standard power. The light spot is extremely small and can cut unusually deep “hair” gap efficiently;
        Stable radiation and sharp light blade.
        In addition, each SDZ laser tube is specially optimized to minimize installation risk and difficulty.

        Four advantages of SDZ

        • Excellent life and stability
          SDZ is the first to create the laser tube with 12,000-hour life and its life and stability reaches A+ level.
        • Special packaging
          All export goods of SDZ are specially packaged with extremely small volume and excellent safety, which can effectively save 80% of customer's hauling charge.
        • 24*7 one-to-one service consultant
          We provide you with 24*7 one-to-one service consultant and multiple communication methods to meet your requirement as soon as possible.
        • Promise of zero risk purchase
          We accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal, and strictly follow quality assurance promise. Broken products during transportation will be redelivered so that customer can purchase SDZ products with zero risk.

        SDZ promise:

        Service life:6,500 hours Warranty period: 180 days

        When the customer receives SDZ DX series laser tube, if a product quality problem occurs or the output power is reduced by over 30% of standard output power, we will exchange new laser tube with you freely, which will follow the warranty of replaced one.

        You can contact us at any time by the following means and the system will assign a SDZ professional service consultant to you automatically.
        MSN: Sale@Sdzlaser.com     Skype: Sdzlaser     Yahoo: Sdzlaser@Yahoo.com     Gtalk: Sdzlaser@Gmail.com
        Of course, you can also contact us directly by Email and we will response in one working day. Sale@Sdzlaser.com

        Product parameters:

        Model Length
        Trigger voltage
        Working voltage
        Working current
        Output power
        Maximum power
        coated or not
        DX-60 1000±2 80±2 24 16 26 60 75 Yes
        DX-80 1200±2 80±2 28 18 28 80 95 Yes
        DX-100 1400±2 80±2 28 18 30 100 120 Yes
        DX-130 1600±2 80±2 35 20 30 130 150 Yes
        DX-150 1800±2 80±2 38 22 30 150 180 Yes
        DX-180 2000±2 80±2 35 22 30 180 200 Yes